Strata Management

A Strata Corporation is responsible for managing and maintaining the common property and common assets of the Strata Corporation for the benefit of the owners.  The powers and duties of the Strata Corporation must be exercised and performed by a Council unless the Act, the Regulations, or the By-laws provide otherwise.

The purpose of a Strata Management Company is to perform these actions on behalf of the Corporation at the direction of the Council. Although many corporations manage their affairs in-house, others find their members do not have the time, or the inclination, to take on the everyday responsibilities that come with Council duties.

These Councils make the necessary decisions, and then mandate their execution to a Strata Management Company.
The Strata Management Company will perform all services the Strata Council requires;

  • Collect fees and fines
  • Transfer money to the contingency fund
  • Pay bills
  • Ensure all contractors are qualified and licensed
  • Sign contracts on behalf of the Corporation
  • Provide full accounting to the Council
  • Keep historical records of the Corporation

“Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your Strata”

Loreto Strata Management Ltd is a fully licensed strata company providing strata management services meeting the requirements of the Strata Property Act, including the Real Estate Services Act. Our goals include working in the maintenance and management of your investment, and working smart in assisting the strata corporation through the strata council to do all things necessary to function efficiently and effectively.

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Why Professional Strata Management

The Advantages:

  • The fees are collected, recorded and deposited – you don’t have to do it
  • Notice of meetings, agendas and supporting documents are sent out to Board members for effective and efficient meetings – without delay
  • Problems arise, and issues are resolved – you are informed

The Value: Time:

  • The Board has time to govern the association, no longer dealing with everyday problems that distract it from its purpose
  • The Board no longer has to research to keep abreast of new legislation
  • The Board has a line of communication to and from the owners

The Ease:

  • Ease of recruiting members to a Governing Board, rather than a Working Board.
  • Ease of transfer from a Working Board to a Delegating Board
  • Ease of delegating the work, while retaining the authority

What We Do For You

We Guarantee Our Work
We answer your call personally we respond to calls or emails within 24 hours.

We Solve Your Problems
By securing your assets dealing with onsite activity communicating with owners.

We Save You Money
If we miss paying your bills on time, and we are at fault, we pay the penalty.

We annually investigate insurance premiums before allotting a contract.

We garner quotations from licensed, insured professionals.